In October 2017 the Optimist opened its doors at 86 Rua da Boavista in Lisbon, a street that is slowly reborn and becomes more willing to happiness. In dictionaries, optimism is a name, a disposition or tendency, a belief, a doctrine. The word comes from the French optimisme, which comes from the Latin optim(um), which means “better”.


For many years we have been looking for what has always been under our noses: from the repetition of the feeling of full heart, of the smile on the face, of the sonorous laughter, of the hugs. It’s the food. Ever. The Optimista was born because one day we had an idea that already many friends around the world also had, that was to create a space where we will share with people a little of this feeling when we eat and drink together.

A delicious meal, in a comfortable atmosphere, in the company of friends and family. At Optimista we want you to feel happy. When you come here, make it is because the heart here feels good. That is because after the starters, already has in the mouth the outline of a smile. In these tables there will be space to eat and drink, to laugh, to cry, to sing, to give, to propose and to ask. Whatever it takes to get out of this space feels more optimistic and more willing to happiness. Our only promise, as a friend would say, is to make Optimism, always, our recipe.


Optimista features a rebellious menu that refuses to fit into boxes or to wear labels. We never forget what we like to eat and how we like to eat, and this is really our spirit. Since the goal of our food is to impress palates and hearts, our humble commitment is to use seasonal ingredients, to prefer national products and to respect the natural flavours and freshness of the food as much as possible. So we will offer you fish from the market (even if not the prettiest fish of the piece), carefully sought meat from those who can assure us of what is really good and salads full of flavour and color.


Fish broth, pho pasta, coriander, croquete and do-shua 9
Alhada streak with sweet potato pancake and melted cheese 8
Veal tartar with roasted pepper puree, basil mayonnaise, smoked tuna and boletus 9
Cured duck niguiris 8
Game pie, plum, port wine, mushrooms, chestnuts, preserved shallot and cabidela jus 7
Mushrooms and truffle croquetes with a cheese sauce 6
Roasted carrots, cream cheese mousse, caramelized nuts and stalk pesto 6


Beets from roots to leaves, eringi mushrooms, spring onion cream and pumpernickel 15


Cod confit, cured yolk, sauerkraut, pickled shallot, fried garlic puree, sautéed bimis 21
Fish, brioche, courgette roasted in pistachio oil, açorda purée, shrimps and à guilho sauce 18
Pork tenderloin, apple purée, baked potato and salad with black garlic dressing 21
Premium steak, roasted onion orsotto, onion petals beer pickle and spring onions 19
Sacchetti filled with goat cheese and spinach, apple, sauteed mushrooms, celery, burnt onion sauce and cheese chips 16


Chocolate cake, banana ice cream, peanut mouse and salted caramel 8
Zero-waste pineapple. Pressed pineapple with mint stalks, coconut mousse infused with pineapple rinds, citrus curd, almond and spice crackers, yogurt snow 7
Banana bread rabanada, raspberry, sericaia icecream, toasted hazelnuts 7